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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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mountains. that's where a steady light rain is falling at this time. it won't last all day. skies will be clearing this afternoon. 45 in millville and philadelphia. trenton also at 45 degrees. and it is st. patrick's day, so we are in luck. 50 at 9:00. 60 degrees at lunchtime, but that's where our luck ends. the winds will kick in and then it gets colder this afternoon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. but right now let's check in with first alert katy zachry. >> this is right at route 38 where i'm seeing traffic picking up. no incidents or accidents to report on any of those majors in new jersey. if you are traveling on route 70 in cherry hill right at springdale road, be aware that the right lane and shoulder er closed because of construction going on. that lifts at midnight tomorrow. be aware of that this morning. take a look at drive times if you're headed to or from
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allentown, the northeast extension. your drive time is looking pretty good. 21 22 minutes in both directions. vai? >> thank you, katy. overnight police say a gunman confessed to a shooting just after it happened. officers arrived on felton street around 2ing this morning. they found the victim on the ground and another man who told police he did it and handed over his gun. the confessed shooter is being interviewed right now by police. a 20-year-old maryland man is behind bars charged with murdering his teenage girlfriend's mother in lehigh valley. matt? >> vai, this 55-year-old mother was stabbed several times in the neck. we're not mentioning her name bus the d.a.'s office says her daughter is the victim of statutory rape. the man, 20-year-old taylor barnes is an army soldier out of
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ft. lee. he killed her in the drive way of her macungie home. he tried to hide the body. when officers got there, the car was gone but the victim's body was found buried under some dirt and snow. the blood soaked car was found later ditched in a nearby pond. barnes had sexual relations with the teen and had contact in the past few weeks. he's charged with murder and statutory assault of a juvenile. they say barnes committed a crime this weekend windchill he was with the victim's daughter and this morning he's being held behind bars without bail. live from nbc 10 i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> a man is charged with the drunk driving incident that
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killed a brother and sister. witnesses told police muir was speeding and driving erratically when he slammed into a minivan in euclid township. others in the van survived. there's a new twist in the mother who's disappeared thiefrm now charging the mother of the prime suspect. they say joan crosby helped conceal the body of his wife eric crippen. he was seen before new year's eve. they're the parents of baby girl and have a 7-year-old from a previous relationship. nbc 10 cameras were there when kriel crippen disappeared in january. he was later charged with her murder. crippen's family say that they've had suspicions about joe crosby from the start. they claim she hadn't spoken to
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her son in weeks. ing there are records showing calls between the two all hours of the day and night. >> 4:00 in the morning 2:00 in the morning. i was like who does this. it was her number. i recognized her number because i had called her. >> because the investigation is ongoing, authorities aren't saying exactly what kyle crosby did, but crippen's body still has. been found. has been declared a national security threat. >> you're a national security threat. >> that's a penn state professor now back in our area who was arrested over the weekend. she said she was protesting u.s. imperialism. >> this is a very very disturb disturbing situation where i
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believed it was so urgent that i had to speak out and speak out now. >> she was arrested and questioned by the fbi and she says this may not be the last time she protests. two temple university football players are free on bond after they were arraigned on assault charges overnight. dion dawkins and hasson reddick were arrested. temple university said it is aware of the situation and is cooperating with the police. dawkins and reddick are suspended from the team pending investigation. there's plenty of excitement for nova nation all across our area of course, they captioned the top seed in the east region and will take on the sixth seed. tip-off is set for 6:50 thursday
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night. meanwhile eagles fans just when you thought you've seen it all, check this out. broncos and jets quarterback tim tebow came to philadelphia for a workout but he left town without a deal. it's been reported the eagles will not be signed him, at least right now. we'll take a look at some of the ways you can get your irish on. plus a new vision for two prime pieces of real estate in atlantic city. we'll tell you about the development plans and how you can have a say in the site's future. a warmer start. we're watching clouds overhead but not seeing too many rain showers on this tuesday morning. st. patrick's day, 4:46. a look at the warmup when we come back.
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as expected tracking rain showers. most of the rest of the area is dry. the rain won't last all day. it's moving past scranton. hee high valley allentown may see a few sprinkles before it heads out. the rest of the area is dry. look at the warmup we're in for today. 62. that's at noontime. unfortunately that doesn't last. the winds will shift direction and that will ramp up. that's going to bring in colder air. by late this afternoon we'll be in the low 50s. which really isn't all that bad. tomorrow morning we'll see the temperatures plummeting into the 20s. cold air is coming our way and you'll feel the difference. for today, gusty winds. clearing skies. upper 50s and low 60s. making weekend plans the first weekend of spring. look at these on saturday. partly sunny skies and 53 degrees. the wind kicks in once again and sunday is going to be turning
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colder. high of 43 in spite of sunshine. before we get to the weekend. the last hours of winter will likely see snow. got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten with the timing. >> you don't want to hear it do you? >> is bill done yet? >> all right. if you're so unfortunate that your st. patrick's day start this early we want to be sure to help you on the road. >> katy zachry is watching your roads for morning commute. >> wow, vai, that was really nice for our early morning viewer. i know right? we're all with you. we feel your pain getting up this early in this morning. the good news is and i have good news we're not seeing any accidents on the majors throughout our area. this is a live look on the delaware where we sear seeing a few extra headlights but no issues to report on our delaware roadways. if you're driving to new jersey your drive time is pretty good between 55 and the walt whitman drive. any overnight construction on
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the 42 roadway is litting. the burlington bristol bridge ben franklin betsy bridge all looking good right now. tracy? >> all right, katy. 5:41. we're following developments in the race for mayor for philadelphia. also petco's price tag. we're going to tell you what it's going to call to britain philadelphia's ghost station back to life.
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let's take a look at this picture here being shared by shouses on social media. it went viral for good reason. it was taken on the day officer robert wilson was laid to rest. what a picture. it shows a group of officers lifting a car with their bare hands that was blocking a funeral. he was killed at a robbery at gamestop in north philadelphia. the father of two was buried in fernwood cemetery in lansdowne. 5:44. a local mayor is challenging the candidacy of milton street. yesterday lawyers for joseph koch owe filed a campaign. they claim he's not a registered democrat and does not live in
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philadelphia. he's the brother of the former mayor and also ran in 2007. we reached out to milton street for comment. we have not heard back yet. the teachers union announced it will support jim kenney. it represents more than 16,000 school workers. kenney and street. the others are abraham, diaz anthony and williams. on the republican side elizabeth bailey is the lone candidate. before you vote in the primary on may 19th nbc 10 will get the answer you need from the candidates. >> we're partnering with the chamber of commerce for the first mayoral debate. nbc 10's jim rosenfeld will moderate. if you have a question for the candidates just let us know and you can submit them right now on or the nbc 10 app.
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meanwhile the director of the secret service joseph clancey is expected to face tough questions from congress today. he'll be on hand to discuss next year's budget for the agentcyagency. it comes just days after another embarrassing incident between two agents who disrupted the white house after a late-night party. president obama is carrying on a white house tradition this st. patrick's day. he'll welcome the prime minister of . it's tradition that began with president harry truman. america's oldest st. patrick patrick's day parade steps off in new york. once again there's controversy. bill de blasio will not be marching because the parade has had an anti-gay stance. one was allowed to march but they called it a token gesture.
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and the reah hoe beth beach is celebrating with corned beef and cabbage. it's between 10:00 and 7:00 p.m. i'm hungry. the nonprofit invites anybody who bought their st. patrick's outfit from one of their stores on good will's facebook page for a chance to win a $100 gift card. you can check out traditional irish dance performance to get you in the hollywood mud. the mchugh dancers are performing at mcguffey's restaurant. that's tonight at 7:00. plans were just unveiled to reveal two pieces of prime real estate in atlantic county. 's at gardeners and basin.
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they include the addition of a new retail village, a water fronlt res straumts new entrance drive and parking lot and expansion of the existing atlantic city aquarium. also in line for redevelopment is bader field, a former airport spread out over 140 acres that's sitting mostly empty right now. it should come in phase ss with baseball and soccer fields that will breekts new life into bader. the bader property probably the most valuable on the east coast because it's surrounded by water. >> atlantic city is currently solicit ing soliciting developers. development could begin in the next month or two. we're getting warmer and a bit cloudy. it's st. patrick's day. we're in luck. we'll see a nice warmup. the clouds will be clearing out.
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unfortunately the luck changes. that's when the winds will shift and a cold wind will be blowing later today. right now, 45 degrees. we're running 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and we're watching for rain showers. it isn't happening this morning. the pocono mountains getting light rain but it looks like it's going to steer clear of most of the rest of the area. 42 in wilmington. bucks county seeing temperatures well into the 40s. a little farther north and west it's 44 in doylestown. royalton, 46 and in the 30s in quakertown at 39 degrees. the cold will ease though quickly and this rain that will come to an end. that's moving toward allentown but i think it's going to stay to the north of allentown. we're start out with clouds and a gentle breeze this morning. just 8 miles an hour. the winds that are southwesterly to start with are going to shift and become much stronger and
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that's cold air blowing into the area. 20-mile-an-hour winds that will bring the temperature down in afternoon and evening hours. stand by for a pretty good chang. that's when we'll peak in the upper 50s and low 60s. that's going to bring cold air in until we get to the weekend. the cold for wednesday, 22 tomorrow. that's lower than today. chilly day on thursday and then here comes if the final hours of winter snow and rain friday afternoon. 39 degrees. the temperatures go higher over the weekend. saturday's looking good. partly sunny and 53 trees. but then the wind kicks in. once again here comes another round of chilly air for sunday and monday. ten before 6:00 as you're
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getting ready to head out the door. let's check the roads and see if there's any trouble spots to know about. >> katy zachry has more. good morning. >> a lot of green on the screen. happy st. patrick's day to all of you celebrating this morning. 76, 95, and the blue route. volume picks up. your drive times are really good. if you're taking these routes now is the time to get out the door. 95 and broad street right in south philadelphia where we're seeing a little bit of increased volume but no accidents to report on any of the major areas this morning. if you're taking 95 south and heading to the airport, i've been keeping an eye on things. right now, no delays to report. vai? >> thank you, katy. a report is societyset to be released tomorrow about reopening the so-called ghost station. patco was abandoned back in 1979. the report say it could cost more than $18 million to reopen
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that station. it would serve 1,300 passengers on daily basis but a report finds most are already using another station. why your flight over the next couple of decades could be more crowded. it revealed its forecast fehr the next 20 years in its airline passenger growth and it expects to increase by 2% a year. that would equal about 1 billion passengers in 2029. 1.14 billion by 2035. they estimate they had 176 million last year. the next team a police officer asks you for your license, you might say, i've got an app for that. they're studying whether to approve whether to show it and another to show proof of insurance on their smartphones. lawmakers are concerning a similar bill. long after a world meeting
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of faumlys you'll be able to relive the pope's visit. we've got the details in the works and a former political candidate who will lead the project. plus we'll show you how a delaware mom is using the luck of the irish to fight a rare disease.
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long after a world meeting
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pope to philadelphia will be captured by screen. religious leaders announced they've commissioned history-making productions to make two films and sam katz is the director. it will come at the tail end of the conference in september. the documentary makers will also travel to shrines and churches across the region. it was a year ago that philadelphia mayor nutter and pennsylvania rep on the colburne traveleded to the vatican. the pope announced he would be coming to the city of brotherly
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love. it will be held the last full week of september. he'll visit at the end of the week the weekend of september 25th, and nbc 10 will cover the whole thing for you and we have a huge section on our website on just how many irish eyes are smiling where you live? >> apparently quite a few. our area features three of the top ten of the irish americans in the u.s. according to truvia website, more than 20% of the city's popular. camden comes in at number seven with 14. 8%. philadelphia is right behind at 14.2% and wilmington is in tenth with 13 7 of it claiming irish descent. cape county -- cape may county is the most irish with 21% -- 21.8% of its population of irish ancestry. delaware county close second.
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21.1%. gloucester and bucks tie for third with 17.8%. and a delaware mom is taking on a rare disease one shamrock shirt at a time. jennifer randolph began her feeling lucky t-shirt some years ago. her son jack has a rare autism-related condition and a couple of years ago she made up some shirts on st. patrick's day to raise money to fight the disease and make people aware of it. >> your kid's like this and for a long period of time people didn't know how to help. people are like yes, it's a fun way to help. it's easy it's fun. >> she has shirts in all 50 states and even some foreign countries. >> it's the buzz surrounding this. officers workers are putting the finishing touches on the brackets but beware.
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it's why tracy and i don't bet. having a perfect bracket are 1.-- 1.-- say that. >> quintillion. it's a lot. >> so we know. the point spreads might help you a little bit but novices have just as good of a shot as well. winning just boils down to a whole lot of luck. we used to have this office pool. somebody always won it who didn't know anything about it. >> right. which is why you say you should make your selections based on the colors or the mascots. >> there you go. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. two temple university football players are out on bond this morning and suspended from the team.
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we eeithe'llithe'll get the latest on the charges they're facing. >> community comes together to find solutions. >> and a cold blast is on its way. we're a couple of days away from spring and also snow. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today"." i'm tracy davidson. >> let's get to bill henley with a look at the forecast. hey, bill. >> today before the cold moves in we're going to see a pretty good warmup. in fact, we're starting off warmer this morning. 44 degrees here at nbc 10. clouds came in overnight. we've been watching for showers. we've seen some green on st. patrick's day but as far as the green, radar is staying close to the poconos. it's going to last into the afternoon. it will be clearing out this afternoon. and the temperatures will be warming up but we're already warmer than yesterday. yesterday at this time we were in the low 30ers


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